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Mosquito-Free provides consistent and reliable service at a very reasonable price that enables me to enjoy living by the lake without the pests of summer ruining my time outdoors.



Woodstock, GA

I have been a customer of Mosquito-Free for almost a year now.  I learned of Mosquito-Free from some friends of mine.  They had told me for some time that I should try the service because it had worked so well in their backyard.  I was skeptical about having the service done because of the woods around us as well as our swimming pool.  Basically, I just didn’t believe the service could keep mosquitos from coming into our yard.  So, stubborn me, I didn’t call. 

As spring came around, I would spray my kids down with bug spray, and they would go out to play.  Every night, like clockwork, they would itch due to their mosquito bites.  My husband and I were sitting out one evening, and we were swatting mosquitoes off of us.  That was the final straw.  I immediately called Jody Wheeler, owner of Mosquito-Free, and he scheduled to come out and spray the next day.   Jody was on time, gave me a fair quote, and sprayed my yard.  I could not believe the instant change it made in our time outdoors.  I went out the next evening to sit just to see if it made a difference.  I didn’t see a single mosquito.  I quit spraying my kids with bug spray and NO bites were to be found.  The kids could play in the pool without mosquitos biting their faces.  Even after rain, still no mosquitos.

Having Mosquito-Free spray my yard was the best thing I have done for my family.  I cannot say enough about how Mosquito-Free has helped me take my yard back.  Thank you Mosquito-Free!



Hickory Flat, GA

When my wife and I built our new home, we had great plans for our outdoor landscape.  We wanted to create a fabulous play-place for our kids as well as a place to entertain our friends.  Almost immediately, we discovered our yard was virtually uninhabitable due to the infestation of mosquitoes.  We couldn’t practice softball, play with our Jack Russell or have dinner on our deck without everyone getting eaten-up.  We tried to fight the mosquitoes with standard products, but they were ineffective, smelly and aggravating to apply.  Our thoughts on our outdoor experience changed immediately when Jody began spraying our yard last March.  My wife and kids were formerly mosquito magnets, but last year was different.  We had 1 mosquito bite total during the entire year.  I liked the product and service so much, I asked Jody about becoming partners.  Now, I guess now I’m not only a client, but also an owner.



Bridgemill/Sixes Community

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